“Vintage & contemporary silhouettes with designer details made from luxury fabrics represent our brand."

Our Story

"I would say Moo Country started when I was a young girl & with a tough disposition. My Montana heritage & strong family lineage, it's no wonder I have a passionate sense of community. When I was growing up, I called my mother Moo; which, to me, is another word for home; along with my extreme obsession with cowhide that all led up to a dream I had one night of my bow legged cowboy shaped like an, "M." After a few wrinkles were ironed out, pretty much there you have it."


Right Between the Eyes.

“My inspiration is the hard-working ranch woman with class & style that lives out in the middle of nowhere with limited access to resources. She is creative enough, bold & innovative enough to see the standout potential from anything that's out of the 'true blue' ordinary. She exudes her femininity while she ensembles flawlessly from head to toe. The originals that made it look so glamorous, the Barbara Stanwick’s, the Hedy LaMarr’s...”

Meet The Girls!