Moo Country girls are all over the world.

At Moo Country, we strive to always stay current & relevant while making your experience with us a pleasant & exciting one; However, our site is still undergoing a much needed re-vamp & update. Our cowgirls all over the world are so important to us that our promise to you is that we are working hard to get it up ASAP. We apologize & thank you for your patience & understanding. Check back soon!
 - Dawn Ann

From the West to the East, from the mountains of Montana to the rolling hills of Tennessee, Moo Country has proven the premiere leader in western style fashion for over 8 years. Today's Moo Country girl truly knows "How the West is Worn," and embraces her inner, true blue cowgirl. She is unique and authentic; a modern woman. She pairs up her roughed-up, rhinestone clad boots, glam sprinkled button-downs, and her embroidered laden apparel laced with sporty puffer jackets, chic trench coats, and early Americana inspired accessories.   - READ MORE


What's a Moo Country girl?

Today's Moo Country girl focuses on what we all have in common instead of our differences. She's resilient; gets going when the going gets rough. Possessed with a 'sporty' sensibility mixed with a little bit of sass, you just might get lucky and earn her trust; maybe. Because it's always written all over her wardrobe with the style she demands and the respect she deserves. Don't let her fool you; her love is strong, hard & tough, always sticking to her guns. She cleans up real nice, readily armed with the exclusive only fashions, creative, and innovative designs at Moo Country. Always new, always now; bold and brilliant; just like you, today's Moo Country girl. 

Ride em' Cowgirl!


"I can't believe how accommodating Dawn Ann was when I shopped at Moo Country a couple of weeks ago. She catered to what my goal was, to look splendid on my 25th wedding anniversary! She even called me the day after the event and asked me how the night was! I will always go to Moo Country to look elegant!

Jo Ann Whitford / Human Resources / General Motors