Where the West 

Meets Glamour 

Custom Clothing, Boots, Hats,
Jewelry, and more!
Moo Country

Well heeled and ridin tall in the saddle, Moo Country women have a "Code-Of-The-West" sensibility. Heading up the herd, they value time-worn tradition, craftsmanship, and originality.


Vintage and contemporary  silhouettes with designer details made from luxury fabrics represent our brand; one-of-kind custom Montana made boots, leather cross-body bags, wooly lamb pillows and Alpaca soap, ceramic dishes, historic ranch-brand napkins, jewelry, and much more, are what make our upscale apparel and lifestyle boutique in Red Lodge, Montana, a True Moo Destination!

Moo Country Meets Paris Montana


This is what happens when two free-spirited, globe-trotting, high-stylin, self-made, Montana-raised women meet up in Red Lodge, Montana, and decide THIS is the time, THIS is the town, and THIS is the kind of Thelma-and-Louise collaboration that's going to be big fun!

Heidi Martincic of Paris Montana and Dawn Ann Ritter of Moo Country have teamed up to bring all you upscaled cowgirls, gypsies, and dreamers the best of both their curated designs and collections of clothing, jewelry, and found treasures, all in one Red Lodge location.

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm  moocountryllc@gmail.com

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